From a generous health insurance plan to programs that promote physical and mental fitness, Pitt encourages graduate and professional students to be strong in body as well as mind. Find helpful resources at the Student Health Service, University Pharmacy, Counseling Center, and Disability Resources and Services department. Graduate students also have access to a Stress Free Zone focusing on mindfulness in addition to a range of fitness facilities and intramural sports. See Wellness Resources.

Student Health Service on Campus

The University's fully accredited Student Health Service is staffed by a team of health care professionals qualified to serve a range of needs and provide information to keep you feeling well. And the University Pharmacy is compatible with more than 100 health insurance plans. 

Health Insurance

Health insurance is a vital part of all of our lives. As a graduate or professional student, you don't need one more thing to worry about. Pitt offers a comprehensive health insurance plan to help keep you and your family in tip-top shape.

Disability Resources and Services

The achievements of our students shouldn't be limited by disabilities. The University works to ensure that our students with disabilities have access to classes and programs so that their college experience is rich and rewarding. 

Counseling Center

Taking care of your mental health is necessary not just for academic success, but for one's overall quality of life. Through the Counseling Center, Pitt offers the means to keep your emotional well-being in a good place.

Fitness Facilities and Intramural Sports

Pitt houses fitness centers and courses as well as club and intraumural sports for students. It's a great way to meet new people and let loose.