Academic Resources

The University of Pittsburgh provides a number of resources to ensure the success of our graduate and professional degree students.

Academic Advising

Advising is critical at every stage of a graduate student's academic career. It begins even before enrollment and carries through to job placement. 

Library Services

Pitt's University Library System offers support for each step of a graduate student's academic path. Resources geared toward graduate pursuits include:

Dissertation Boot Camp

The Dissertation Boot Camp offers best practices for the preparation of a large document, including developing a smart production schedule and writing advice from on-site writing consultants.

Aid Packages

The University has established a variety of funding opportunities for graduate and professional students. 

Discounted Software

From Adobe to EndNote, Pitt offers software at great prices for students. 

Shared Governance & Sense of Community

Pitt works with graduate student groups on campus to continually enhance the services and resources available to graduate students.

Graduate Faculty Roster

This roster assists in selecting dissertation major advisors and forming doctoral committees.