From a generous health insurance plan to programs that promote physical and mental fitness, Pitt encourages graduate and professional students to be strong in body as well as mind. Find helpful resources at the Student Health Service, University Pharmacy, Counseling Center, and Disability Resources and Services department. Graduate students also have access to a Stress Free Zone focusing on mindfulness in addition to a range of fitness facilities and intramural sports.

Wellness Center on Campus

All graduate and professional students have access to the Student Health Service, the Counseling Center, and the University Pharmacy, which provide a wealth of services including: free flu shots; discounted copayments on prescription drugs for students enrolled in Pitt’s Graduate Student Medical Plan; over-the-counter drugs often priced lower than in commercial drug stores; free wellness programs, including nutritional counseling and stress management, women’s health care and contraceptive care, LGBTQAI+ health care; and other graduate student-only groups.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is a vital part of all of our lives. As a graduate or professional student, you don't need one more thing to worry about. Pitt offers a comprehensive health insurance plan to help keep you and your family in tip-top shape.

Disability Resources and Services

The Office of Disability Resources and Services (DRS) is the entity designated by the University to determine reasonable accommodations and services. Pitt is committed to providing equal opportunities in higher education to academically qualified students with disabilities. Through an interactive process, DRS works individually with each student to provide access to University classes, programs, and activities.

Coverage while Studying Abroad

Since 2016, Pitt has provided comprehensive health and security coverage to enrolled Pitt graduate students and professional students traveling abroad in pursuit of their scholarship and professional development.

Gyms and Intramural Sports

Graduate and professional students can use the four campus fitness centers—at the Baierl Student Recreation Center, William Pitt Union, Bellefield Hall, and Trees Hall—to exercise and improve their overall well-being. Students can participate in group exercise, personal training, and wellness consultations and rent equipment and lockers for the semester.

Intramural sports provide opportunities for graduate and professional students to engage in physical activity while meeting other students across campus. Intramurals do not involve a great time commitment, and registration is free. Men’s, women’s, and coed leagues are available.